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THIS IS A BUNCH OF MUMBLE JUMBLE I MADE UP ABOUT MYSELF..  When I was a kid, a squirrel broke into my attic and I've done EVERYTHING one could possibly do to fix the hole in the roof he crawls into and he still makes his way in in 2024 --- to me that's a gift.   That he'll do anything he can to be with me.   And the funny thing is:   I talk about him in all of my plays.  Hi. I 'm Ant. I'm an actor-writer. 

Also you are so gullible to think a singular squirrel has been following me around for the last 20yrs. Gray squirrels only live, like,  2-6yrs.  So I guess my roof is just doomed.  

aNTHoNy 'aNT' LoGRaNDe

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